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Business ServicesWe deploy solutions that helps you fully manage your business activities, and information while also protecting data from Cooperate Networks.

Office Management Software Solution
Helps you store, manage ,protect and share office paper document and electronic document all in a single system that is user friendly. 
E-commerce System Setup
Helps you increase Customer visit, improve revenue, increase sales performance when you serve relevant offers to your customers online.
Course Management System
Helps you create content and post them online, manage them and also control access to them.
E-learning Platform Setup
Helps your Business design courses from the beginning to the end, launch innovative Learning platform and Make more Money.
Company Blog Setup Solutions
Help People Easily Find you Online with Information that you publish.
Online Calendar System Setup
Lets you organize, schedule and share Information and appointments in the simplest possible ways.
Human Resource Management System Solution
Coordinate Work Processes and Manage Team Members or Staff efficiently
Live TV Streaming Solution
Helps you reach your audience across channels and distribute quality content to them no matter where they watch from.
Mailing and Email Web Client Setup
Exchange Information effortlessly using an efficient Email Client.
Online Forums Setup Solutions
It enables  communication that goes beyond a two-way form of communication. It not only allows people interact with your content & allow users interact with one another.
Online Image Galleries Solutions
It Creates a professional photo gallery for your website and organization.
Online Project Management System
Helps you smooth run your business via project planning and task management features through out the project life to ensure execution of tasks, growth and development.
Online TV Software Solution
Helps you automate and manage both Long term and Daily Plan of activities including TV broadcast Functions
Online Video Conferencing Solutions
Lets you connect with anyone, carry out business transactions and seal business deals  anywhere and on any Device.
Polls and Analytics System Setup
Get Enough Information to Measure efforts channeled into increasing success in your Business.
Project Management Software Solution
Lets you Plan, manage the execution of a project and meet specific Timeline while also recording success & achievement of Specific Goals.
Setup of PR Tools for Monitoring and Managing Media Relations
Helps you monitor media mentions, manage media Relations, automate recordings and Index Multimedia Contents.
Customer Support and Help Desk System Setup
Handle Customer Request and treat Complains Like a Professional.
Video Sharing Platform Setup
Lets you connect your business to the rest of the world, you can share your videos easily without the issues of bandwidth or storage.
Wiki’s Solutions
We provide you a modern, yet finest way your organization can  collaborate better and share information internally.
Workflow Management Software Solution
Allows you to plan, assign tasks, track, and Execute Projects within designated Period.
Social Networking Solutions
Let’s you connect with, and Engage your Customers. which Increases your chances of directing leads to the website and higher Chances of conversion.
Online Enterprise Resource Planning System Setup
Helps with the organization and management of your business for maximum productivity and guarantees result.

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