Online Calendar System Setup

online calendar

Online Calendar System setup that we deploy for you helps you to organize, schedule and share in the simplest possible way.

When you use Our Online Calendar System, you keep your team of employees connected, aware and reminded of critical appointments and projects.

They get alerts for Scheduled meetings, events, webinars, and video conferences or any other event or affair that requires their attention.

Features of Our Online Calendar System Setup

  •         Shared Group Calendar
  •         Export to Outlook
  •         Work Week view
  •         Shift view
  •         Supervisor reports
  •         Scheduler function
  •         Publish filtered calendars to the web
  •         Localized time zones by user
  •         HR balanced scheduler view
  •         Private Personal Calendar ‘
  •         Multiple Calendar Views
  •         Icalendar Integration
  •         Recurring events and meetings
  •         Events Reminders and Updates
  •         Adds Meeting Location
  •         Permission-based Online Calendar
  •         Full Document Search
  •         Use of Keyboard Shortcuts
  •         Public Online Calendars
  •         Add Attachment
  •         Online Contact Management
  •         Enable your World Clock
  •         Work Management System
  •         Real-time Social Interactions
  •         Email Event Guest
  •         Video Conferencing with Multiple parties

And much more

CloudWare Online Calendar Seetup

How it Benefits your Business

  • This online calendar system can be used to manage your daily schedule. Especially to plan periods to focus on work, and schedule meetings with repeated reminders.
  • A new calendar can be created for each task you have, and keep track of.
  • You can schedule meetings without the need to exchange emails back and forth.
  • There is also an opportunity to add files. For instance, you might need to reference relevant file that attendees of the meeting need to have. You can attach files directly to the events for guests to access and review it.
  • Also, you can hide the details of sensitive meetings. You can easily set your event or meeting to private.
  • Keep everyone on your team on the same page today. Let’s help you get started with the Online Calendar System solution.

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