Wikis Solutions

Wikis solution is a perfect solution for Online Document Collaboration for all organizations, whether big or small. It is intended to enhance internal knowledge sharing within an organization.

We provide you the modern, yet finest solution that helps your organization collaborate better.

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Features of our Wikis Software Solutions

  •   Quick and Easy means of Entering information that includes hyperlinks,
  •    Sorts and organizes information properly
  •    Proper Structuring / Documentation
  •    Control Access Levels
  •    Knowledge Management
  •    Content management Features
  •    Scripting
  •    Semantic annotation
  •    Mobile Access
  •    Offline Viewing and Editing
  •    Decentralization and Distribution
  •    Collaborative Editing
  •    Customizable Work-space
  •    Add photos, videos and embed presentations
  •    Portal customization  and redesign
  •    Notification Updates

And other Features.

Wikis Solution

How Wikis Software Solutions help your Business

  • It allows you to create and organize your content effectively. You can create pages and sub pages for different topics.
  • You can also Import Word Document
  • Also easily search for content within Wiki Work space or conduct searches based on files and names of pages
  • You can add tags to better categorize your content and link pages for easy access to internet.
  • Customize your own work space  to further categorize your content , with complete administrative controls, security and fully customizable setups,
  • You can create, manage and categorize users
  • The administrator can control who views,  makes any edits , deletes anything or leave a comment,
  • You have absolute control over what content is shared to whom, which team or which group.  
  • Let’s help you organize your team’s knowledge

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