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Mailing and Email Web Clients Setup - CloudWare Technologies

Mailing and Email Web Clients Setup


Our Mailing and Emailing Web Clients Setup Solutions help you in creating, sending,  receiving and organizing mails or emails. Some of the additional features of our Mailing and Email Web Clients Setup solution includes: anti-spam,  anti-publishing security protection and also an advanced search capability, ruler and flitter for more efficient handling of your mail and email folders. 

Some features of our Mailing and Email Web Clients Setup Solution

  • Tabbed Email
  • Attachment Reminder
  • Mail Account Setup Wizard
  • Message Archive
  • Search the web
  • Phishing Protection
  • Multiple channel chat
  • Search tools
  • Automated Update
  • Large file management
  • One- Click Contact book
  • Robust Privacy and Do Not Track
  • Customized Email Address
  • Add-ons Manager

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Email And Mailing client setup

How it helps your business

Whether individual or an enterprise this solution is for you, it is

Efficient and Productive

The era of delayed/missing responses becomes history. Easy flow of messages to and from its recipient is facilitated increasing the productive growth of your business as a whole by boosting the trust and confidence of your clients.


The problem of the amount of time it takes for manual delivery of mails as of old is solved as within mere seconds communication is established and tasks concluded. Opportunities are no longer missed and more tasks are concluded and achieved within the same amount of time.

Email is simple 

The older generations and even young children can easily get through and accomplish their tasks. No need for supervision or  excessive tutorial. It is easy to use and allows for easy referencing.

Portable and accessible

It is so less cumbersome and accessible from anywhere. You do not need to log around a large PC or desktop, all you require is something as portable as a mobile phone and you are all set to attend to clients and colleagues all day, anywhere, anytime.


Have you ever had to go through a file folder looking for a document that has been stored for over 3months? I bet it isn’t easy but with this solution all your documents are stored with ease on your device to be fetched at the click of a button. No stressing or logging around of heavy file folders anymore.

Bulk Sending

Ever wondered how long it would take to send messages to 300 different people all in a day’s work? Be rest assured this solution has got you covered and within the shortest of time your messages are delivered and responses streaming in. There really is nothing better than the present.


Our solution helps you save cost that comes from calls and texts, thus allowing you extra funds in the wallet. So, what else can beat that?

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