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Online Forums Setup Solutions - CloudWare Technologies

Online Forums Setup Solutions

online forum

Our online forums Setup Solution is useful for you whether you run a business of your own or  a blog, you have one single goal which is to reach out to people.  

As simple as it may seem, it may also seem  it is a very big goal and also to help you achieve it and many other things you’ll need our Online Forum set up Solution.

We help you create a forum online for you that enable communication that goes beyond a two-way form of communication and also increase your organization publicity.

It also not only allows people interact with your content but also allows users interact with one another. 

It is a very potent tool that can help you achieve your business goal further more beat competitions.

Features of our Online Forums Setup Solutions

  •           Complete Forum System for free forums
  •           Built-in Portal and Arcade
  •           Built-in Photo Gallery
  •           E-Commerce System
  •           Classifieds System
  •           Branding Free Option
  •           Profile customization
  •           A powerful text editor
  •           Private messaging
  •           Comment signatures.
  •           Achievement systems.
  •          Access to the largest collection of themes and also plugins on the web
  •         Access to modules and also access themes that you can use to improve your forum
  •            Auto-saves content as you write it
  •           Includes the option to create private groups for your users
  •           Switch between multiple languages with a single click
  •          Advanced profile customization options and you can also rank user.

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Online forum Setup CloudWare Technologies

How Online Forum Setup Solutions helps your Business

It helps your community grow

It is not enough to get visitors to your website, furthermore building a community is very much important. However, the two does not mean the same thing.

Easily event management,

With our online forum setup solution ,you can also have event software built and also register people for online events, conferences, virtual events, webinars and lots more 

Better customer support 

In addition to using our online forum setup solution, you can  incorporate partners to contribute to customer discussions hence this will help you make right decisions likewise help you run a low cost customer support. 

It allows you to segment your customers, best if you have multiple products

Another benefit is that you can also use the segmentation to only show customers the forum most relevant to them.

Having a community means you have people actively engaging your website on a daily basis and also have a higher percentage of investment than a random website Visitor. Therefore, the above are very important to the overall success of your website.

 We are ready to help you get started right away, when you reach out to us.

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