CloudWare Technologies’ Guarantee

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Before We get Started With your Project

CloudWare Technologies Designs, Develop, Web/Mobile Applications to power your businesses. We Help integrate Technology Solutions to Solve Business, Public and Social problems. CloudWare Technologies Designs, Manage and Secure IT systems across all sectors.

Free and Quality IT Consultation & Advice

We are a Consortium of Technology experts, We execute projects with Expertise -clearly Understanding the Challenges of our Clients, Providing them with Valuable Advice and Implementing Solutions professionally with Maximum Support. We Don’t Just Provide IT Solutions, We use them to solve business Problems.

Our Guarantee on Security

  • Identify and block off all forms of threat and malware and provide top-notch network protection
  • Advanced host protection with ServerSecure+ service
  • Provide custom host vulnerability management with ServerSecure
  • Monitor and Protect against vulnerabilities by providing prompt system patch deployment for known and previously unknown threats
  • Use Leading network protection technology to ensure maximum security
  • Utilize third party threat intelligence and security analytics to provide actionable reports

You can Sleep with your two eyes closed knowing that our security concious and dedicated team work round the clock (24/7/365)to ensure your servers and our network is free from security threats.

We Guarantee 24/7/365 Monitoring, Proactive Management

  • Maximum Monitoring of services CPanel, MySQL,, http,MSSQL, Ping, SSH pop3, SMTP, RDP, ftp , DNS, Raid, Disk Usage.
  • Our Technicians restore malfunctioning Services back to a functioning state using root cause analysis
  • Repair and Upgrade Hardware. CPU, Hard Drive, RAID card, NIC among others.

We take security very seriously, and make sure your site, software and Apps and its contents are protected. We monitor and manage your servers and our network to ensure no breach occurs.

You Can Count on Us, Anytime you Need Help!

  • Quickest Support you can Find
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Live Chat
  • Completely Active Support Ticket System
  • Active Phone Lines

We’ve got you covered anytime, Need Help? Our Highly Experienced Technicians are at your beck and call.

You can contact us using the most convenient of our contact options.

You can Open a Support Ticket, Start a Live Chat or put a call through to us

Whichever you Choose, you can count on us to get the help you need.