Law practice management

Law practice management software is designed specifically for the overall management and automation of a law firm. It covers the entire activity of the firm, from client records to billings and bookkeeping. Also, it helps in scheduling appointments, documenting deadlines. It also helps the firm to be compliant to policies and regulations in documenting and overall practice.

A lot of attorneys and barrister may no be conversant with basic office management, as this isn’t a common requirement in being called to Bar. The system makes the overall running of the firm a lot easier and easy to user for even the least office savvy person on the team. With automation, office and business aspect of the practice would become less worrisome. Ultimately, It would help the firm focus more on the practice of law and less on office management. This is the result of Law meets Technology.

Features of Law practice management system

There is a plethora of legal software solutions which all claim to “make your legal practice easier.” Although some of these programs can deliver duly, others may not be a good fit for your practice. Though there’s no one software that is said to be the best in the market, as different practices have their individual needs. There are still some key features of law practice management systems that are key to the proper functioning of any law firm.

Here are some of the features that are a ‘must-have’ in any Law management software

Case management

This has to do with the complete process management of any given case. The system should be able to properly guide and inform you of everything pertaining to the case being worked on. It should go through your entire database and properly evaluate if there is any conflict of interest in the case. And also, go through the status of limitations in regards to the case. This is a must-have feature, as ultimately, a Firm’s competency is judged based on their productivity with cases given.

Time Tracking 

This feature is also very important, as it tracks the entire working process if any case. From the point of acceptance until its completion. Meticulously taking note of the process and progression of the case. Also keeping track of the billing of clients.

Document Assembly

Any law firm would have a large number of files and documents to deal with. A good software would adequately assemble all documents. Properly itemizing them and prioritizing them as need be.

Contact Management

It is very important for a legal practitioner to keep proper tabs on all his clients. Having their contacts handy is a very major part of building better trust and comfort with clients. The software would be able to Keep a sustainable relationship between lawyer and client as it would properly assemble and manage the contacts of all the multiple clients of the firm.


Time management is highly important in any business, not less in legal practice. Having a good wrap around all your activities and have a properly documented schedule for your daily activities would improve productivity immensely and better the firm’s competency

Course Case Tracking 

This is a feature that helps guide the progression of any case in court from the moment it gets there to its final verdict. This would keep lawyers aware of the development of his case in real-time.

Law Practice management system is highly beneficial to your legal practice. It enhances coordination in the office. Creating a proper chain of communication and understanding between staff and attorney. Helping the firm as a whole to be more efficient in meeting deadlines and duties can be appropriately delegated. All these would ultimately improve the firm’s overall productivity.

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