Waste Management Software Solutions

Waste Management Software Solution handles businesses and district that operate landfills, transfer stations, and recycling centers as well as those that provide commercial, residential, or industrial waste collection services.

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Some features of Waste Management Software Solution

  • Disposal Tracking & Reporting
  • Integrated Card Processing Options
  • Commercial Waste Account Management
  • Customer Payment Management
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Manage Bulky Waste Services
  • Customer Analysis
  • Route Management
  • Inventories of Waste Containers
  • Inventory Tracking

And other features.

Waste Management Software Solution

Benefits of Waste Management Software Solution

Simplify and Improve Waste Management
  • Streamline waste management across the organization through waste profiles
  • Gain visibility and oversight of all site-level entities and identify waste sources
  • Easily create an inventory of waste containers and shipments using a specific waste profile
  • Increase the effectiveness of your waste management efforts by tracking the movements of waste containers, and quantities and types of waste in each area
Control Costs
  • Identify and select the most cost-effective transporters and disposal facilities
  • Automate the management of invoices associated with external entities or brokers contracted to dispose waste
  • Estimate accurately the costs for upcoming and scheduled disposal of waste by brokers
Ensure Regulatory Compliance
  • Successfully reduce risks of non-compliance by tracking regulations applicable to every waste profile and all facility permits and their expiration dates
Monitor Waste Management and Reduction Efforts
  • Drive effectively waste reduction efforts through detailed information on hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated in any specified date range
  • Optimize your waste management efforts by gaining insight into volumes of waste summed by area and waste profile
  • Successfully reach goals by centralizing and automating waste management efforts

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