Recruitment Software and Applicant Tracking System Solutions

Recruitment Software and Applicant Tracking System solution assists with electronic processes of recruitment and applicant tracking. Furthermore our solution aids your organization in filtering applications automatically based on given criteria. For instance, keywords, skills, former employers, years of experience, schools attended among others.

Also our solution assists in sourcing for suitable candidates for the vacant position. In the same manner it auto-filters through applications for your organization.

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Some features of Recruitment Software and Applicant Tracking System Solutions

For Cooperate HR

  • Employee Referral
    Leverage your workforce as a sourcing extension through employee referrals.
  • Candidate Hiring Pipeline Management
  • Vendor management portal
  • Asset Management 
  • Automated Recruiting Processes
    Manage your vendor relationships through a branded vendor portal.
  • Build an employer brand
    Extend the look and feel of your brand by customizing your Careers page.
  • Assess first, then interview
    Create Per-screening assessments to measure candidate skills.
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Automate Notification for your candidate on employment opportunities

And other Features.


Recruitment software and Applicant training system solution


Benefits of Recruitment Software and Applicant Tracking System Solutions

  • Firstly our solution reduces time spent with administrative tasks.
  • Also it provides Better and Faster CV Screening. 
  • Similarly our solution facilitates Collaborative Hiring. 
  • More importantly it improves the Quality of Hire. …
  • In the same manner our solution speeds up your Recruitment Cycle. …
  • Boosts Employer Brand therefore improving profit margin. …
  • Likewise it enhances Candidate Experience.
  • In addition it provides security for your organization against impostors and frauds.
  • Nevertheless, our solution helps build a solid communication relationship among team members.

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