Auto Dealer Management Software; Driving your business a step further.

Auto dealer management is a software that streamlines some of the redundant tasks carried out by vehicle dealers through automation. Tasks such as tracking financial accounts of invoices and ledgers, managing vehicle inventories for both the used and unused vehicles, generating reports relating to the history and also optimizing the vehicle repair costs.

Using an auto dealer software would help tasks management more efficient. By also integrating customer relations software and sales applications can widen the scope of managing sales and customer relations.


There are a lot of benefits to auto dealer management. But picking the right one is paramount. Here are some features that would assure quality software.

Regulatory compliance

 Following in the guidelines of vehicle dealing, this software would help keep your vehicle business in compliance with the regulations and conduct of your state.

Database Records

 It would help keep proper records of vehicles purchased, repaired or rented.  All these can come in handy someday. As vehicle identification numbers could be needed by customers at a later date.

Repair order tracking

This would ensure that repair orders are duly met and documented. Scheduling and reminders of date and time would help dealers aware of repair jobs to be done. Its important for dealers with multiple clients and can help make scheduling better and more accurate.

Warranty tracking

For proper customer relations, it’s important to keep track of vehicle warranty, and know when to notify customers of its expiration. The software helps keep accounts of all the details of vehicles worked with including warranty tracking.

Benefits of Auto Dealer Systems

Customer Relationship Management

Auto Dealer Management Systems is a fantastic CRM tool that is specifically built for the auto industry. It seamlessly ties your sales and marketing team to recapture a potential customer that has gone silent by having a universal contact list with specific relevant details that can be segmented easily for a direct mail or email campaign.

Financial Reporting

This is one of the key benefits of dealer software. The auto dealer industry is unique with specific needs a quality auto dealer system gives you an at-a-glance overview and helps you to efficiently control your payables.

Vehicle Inventory

Tracking your vehicles, especially for larger dealerships with multiple locations is vital. It can be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. It saves you the headaches of tracking the vehicles in your inventory.


Auto dealerships deal with lots of personal data including social security numbers and credit card numbers that could be compromised. A major benefit of the Auto Dealer Management System is not just the accessibility and efficiency, but also its security as quality security is vital.


Most Auto Dealer Management systems run in the cloud so they are easily accessible anywhere and backed up automatically, accessibility to information and updating can be done remotely.

Mobile friendly

Since many of these systems are cloud-based, you can access your DMS via your tablet and smartphone to quickly get an overview of your finances, KPI (key performance indicators), and inventory.

With proper automation, your auto dealer business can be made a lot more efficient and easily manageable. Everything you need would be accessed from anywhere in the world. CloudWare Technology gives you an avenue to enjoy the top Auto dealer software in the world. Try cloudware now!

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