Best Way to Secure Organizations’ Assets

The security industry is heavily regulated and compliance requirements have traditionally meant a never ending paper trail of reports. Security guard management system is a solution that identifies an organization’s assets (including people, buildings, machines, systems and information assets), followed by the development, documentation and implementation of policies and procedures for protecting these assets.

An organization uses such security guard management system solution as an asset to identify threats, categorize assets, and rate system vulnerabilities so that they can implement effective controls.

Features of Security Guard Management System Solutions

  1. GPS Capability.
  2. Client portal.
  3. Cloud Based on a secure server.
  4. Full database of activity including photos and files.
  5. Follow up reporting.
  6. Automatic Email notifications.
  7. Various management reports formats.
  8. User friendly.

How to Choose the Best Security Guard Management System Solutions

In order to choose and purchase the best security guard management system, the following must be taken note of:

  1. It should be affordable.
  2. It should be user friendly.
  3. Easy to use for security officers in the field.
  4. Ability to integrate into any hardware device.
  5. Ability to integrate with scheduling.
  6. Ability to track time and attendance and integrate with payroll.
  7. Must provide GPS tracking of an officer’s location.
  8. On-boarding process: total time to setup.
  9. Ability to create custom permissions.
  10. Ability to prove accountability.

Its Benefits to Your Business

  1. Increases productivity.
  2. Eliminates paper.
  3. Improves employee relations.
  4. Reduces general liability and workers risk.
  5. Adds value to your service quality..
  6. Enhances client relationships.
  7. Adds value to your proposals.
  8. Elimination of billing disputes.

Although security guard management system solutions have been around for years, it has only been since the development of Smartphone technology that they are more accessible and more cost effective than ever before. At this point I time, any security guard, patrol or alarm monitoring company, no matter how large or small, will benefit significantly from such system.

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