Location Forms


Location Forms

LocationForms is a very useful tool in every activity sector, sub-sectors, Government organisation, NGOs, Multinationals, Individuals and researchers every task that requires collecting information from people in same or various locations can be done more efficiently with LocationForms. LocationForms can reduce your Opex cost, give you realtime access to quality data to make informed decisions and for those tasks it’s been used for and it allows your team members,customers save time to focus on what your core competence is. A trial will convince you?


You can set different options to sync the responses you receive from forms to email, or to direct the responses to your server for further manipulations to suit your purposes.

You can also set email notifications so you know when a new response comes in.


The platform is designed so that everyone can collect information and use it for their purposes. Individual, Researcher, student, organisation, business, government, social club, whatever category you fall into, LocationForms is the way to easily and cost-effectively collect meaningful and actionable information

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Looking for a way to get information from people in same or various locations?