Medical Inventory Management Software Solutions

Medical Inventory Management Software Solutions

Our medical inventory software solution helps you and your teams accurately track your  entire medical inventory while keeping tabs on critical information such as supply stock levels, medication expiration dates and equipment maintenance details.this helps you perform better and more efficiently

Some Features of Our Medical Inventory Management Software Solution

  • Cataloging 
  • Point of Sales (POS)
  • Medical Database
  • Invoicing 
  • Reporting 
  • Daily Expense Reports 
  • Dally Sales Reports 
  • Latest Sale, Expense and Medicine 
  • Quantity Update 
  • Partial Payment 
  • Expense Management 
  • Due Payment Management 
  • Multi Device Responsive 
  • Inventory Stock Management 
  • Quick update
  • Easy setting 
  • Day to Day Report Generation

And other Features

Some Benefit of Our Medical Inventory Management Software Solution

Time Saving Through Automation

We understand that medical practitioners go through a stressful live style, a lot on your hands, mental acuity and ability to make good decision.that’s why we design our medical inventory management software to be full automated to make live easier for you and your staffs.

Improve Equipment Reliability:

Hospital equipment need to run under all circumstance, hence you need to make place for unexpected situation that might come up. By using our (MIMS) you can also plan repair and maintenance session for your hospital equipment these will help you, 

  • Decrease down time of machine and equipment 
  • Improve operational efficiency through routine inspections 
  • Lower over head cost through reduce premature replacement 

Bolster Hospital security through Inventory check-in:

Our standard medical inventory system allow you and your staff trace hospital equipment , machines and gadget to a centralized database. This makes it easier to track and monitor tools usage as well, lowering the chance of fraudulent activities 

A streamline healthcare work flow:

Our medical inventory system helps you and your hospital avoid a lot of challenges relating to cost , productivity, security and many more.these will take lots of administrative duty off you and providing you with tools you need to improve the quality of health care of your patient.

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