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Our loan Management Software l lending solution is a well designed software for loaning system for your financial institution. The solution is designed to increase your quality, turnaround time and service for your end- customers. This will improve your agility , transparency and also the efficiency of your lending solutions. Our (LMS) enables you automate the processes for achieving cost sacing and enhance your customer experience. Learn More 

Some Features of Our Loan Management Software / lending solutions   

  • Agility 
  • Effective Support for front office operations
  • Adjustment Posting
  • Modification to Existing Loan Feature
  • Integrated accounting
  • Multi Disnursal
  • Balance Transfer 
  • Loan Recruiting 
  • Saving Interest Deposit 
  • Loan interest Compilation Option 
  • Trial Balance, Income Statement ,Balance sheet Option
  • Automated Loaning System
  • Loan Linking 
  • Loan Cancellation Simulation

Some Benefits of Our Loan Management Software / lending solutions   

Configuration :Our lending management software system allows you to configure the software to meet the specific lending rules and guidelines.Your have the ability to build your verification training manual into system and setup decisioning parameter based on your own credit policies and programs.

Decisioning: Automated loan process makes it easy to decide if your clients actually meet the lending caterial and confirmation is done effortlessly conserving time in stress of going through lending document manually.   

Funding / Verifications: Our lending Management solution ensures that the set regulations and standards for a particular loan is completed before a loan can be granted. This will make your job easier and reduce errors that may occur if these regulations are not been followed

Data Integrity and Security: Our Loan Management software and lending solution help you in the most secure manner in providing the best protection of your data and also prevent system outages .

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