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Our Insurance Management System Software solution is designed to help you track details of insurance policy, your customer’s details. With our insurance management system software solution gives you easy access to people . You will be able to manage insurance details, sanction insurance for your customers, process insurance policy details with our (IMSS). Our (IMSS) is the complete system you need your organization and it will efficiently manage your records ,provides instant access and hence improve your productivity


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 Some Features of our insurance management System software Solutions

  • Data Management 
  • Automatic Issue Documentation
  • DynamicDynamic User Friendly and Configurable Proposal forms
  • Multiple Source Data AnalysisAnalysis
  • Service Integration 
  • QuoteQuote AggregationAggregation
  • Document Templates 
  • Workflow Management 
  • Support Commercial lines 
  • Excel Rating Sheet
  • Referral Management 
  • Unlimited Users 
  • Reporting and MI

Some Benefit of our insurance management System software Solutions

  • Response Time : With our  Insurance Management System Software Solution all information about your client at your right hand allowing you to take blind call and quickly respond with accurate information or new quote. Our system allows you to become your customers trusted partners 
  • Multitude of Partners : Our (IMS) has the most comprehensive historical agency management  system around you.
  • Increased Efficiency: Whether a customer calls and needs a policy number or to make a quick change, or is looking for information immediately after an accident, our  Insurance Management System Software Solution will increase your response time.  This makes your entire team more efficient and prepared for whatever may come by making information readily available, quotes easy to request and adjustments quick.
  • Ability to Cross Sell: Our  Insurance Management System Software Solution enables your team to keep an accurate, detailed history of each policy and policyholder! This in turn allows you to cross sell and market other products to those policyholders and their family members.
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