a service to help you create a blog online

How to create a blog Launches service to help you setup your blog online within 24 hrs, This service will help anyone who has passion for writing and blogging but do not have the technical know-how required to setup a¬†monetizeable* blog. promises a quick setup of a secure, beautiful blog and a starter […]

Getting lost is no fun at all

Especially when you are a lost and tired driver trying to find the way in the night. Sometime ago I traveled to Shagamu (Ogun State, Nigeria). I was with my colleague, who had been there a few times in the past. We had to meet with some clients to discuss business and due to some […]

Long Codes: The Future of Global Marketing

First, a long code is an actual 11-digit phone number, enabled to send and receive SMS text messages anywhere in the world. Mobile marketing using long codes offers businesses the opportunity to communicate with customers anywhere.