Ebola Detection and Prevention App

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Ebola Detection and Prevention App

This is a mobile application that detects if an area is affected by Ebola Virus Disease and Helps individuals prevent Ebola Virus Disease and altogether assisted the containment of the 2014 EVD outbreak.

Up to date Information on Ebola around you and from all over your region

The App tells you from time to time if your current location has been affected by Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak

App shows you your location in relation to affected areas around you on map, And gives you preventive measures to help you prevent this deadly disease

When you are in an Ebola affected area, The App notifies you and gives you preventive measures based on the proximity of your current location to affected areas

Features of EbolaPrevention APP

  • Latest Info
  • Social integration
  • Affected Area Mapping
  • Ebola Hot zone detection
  • Preventive Measures
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