Public Sector Case Management Software Solutions

 Our software solutions improve productivity by automating processes, monitoring and tracking case activities, supporting decisions through real-time data, and more.  It provides an end-to-end case management workflow. You can create, track, schedule, assign, and modify cases as needed.


Below are some features:

Features of Public Sector Case Management Software Solutions

  • Mutual Funds Management
  • Sub-Sector Management
  • Duty Management
  • Internal Trade Management
  • Case life-cycle management
  • Dashboard & Reports
  • Centralized data
  • User configurable forms & fields
  • Security and Role Based Access Control
  • Multi channel platform
  • Third Party Integration

And Other Features 

Benefits of Public Sector Case Management Software Solutions

  • Improve visibility and control. Reporting dashboards available on our public case management software solutions help you as well as your audit trail activities hence this will  increase transparency, support compliance and help your organizations identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Ensures smooth hand-offs and effective collaboration:With critical information and supporting content instantly accessible to all authorized employees throughout with our case management software solution,you and your team member in your organizations will be able to collaboration effective .
  • Improve visibility and control:Reporting dashboards and audit trails of all activities which you can easily do when you deploy our public sector case management software solution which will increase transparency, support compliance and also help organizations identify opportunities for improvement
  • Pull reports at an inter-departmental, inter-department and organisational levels.
  • You can easily  track the history of case steps, actions as well as events in your organization.
  • Team members can track case hours, and the amount of time and effort invested across assigned cases.
  • Our case management software solution provides you as well as your team member real time status of progress at an organisation level.

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