Public Relations Software Setup Solution

Our public relation software setup solution manages your image and also exposure of your business in relation to the public. The flow and spread of information between individuals, businesses as well as the general public is controlled. This ensures that the public image of the business is secure at all times.

Public Software Solution By CloudWare Technologies

Let’s keep you safe with this solution.

Some features of public relations software setup solution

  • Database
  • Notification
  • Monitoring
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Authority Scores
  • Distribution
  • Constant Vigilance
  • Competitor Research
  • Ease of use
  • Analytics
  • Custom Searchers
  • Data Export
  • Direct links
  • Sales
  • Content Discovery and Curation

And other Features.

Let’s get started.

How our public relations software setup solution benefits your business

  • Content Discovery

This solution discovers contents and filters through the contents for the purpose of your business.

  • Publicity 

This solution do not just manage your business media and image but also gives it publicity and marketing benefits thereby encouraging and improving PR and Marketing strategies as well as product improvement.

  • Awareness

This enhances and increases the awareness and behaviour of existing and prospective clients by attracting them to the business particularly via their social/media platforms.

  • Analytics

Our solution adds context and value to your business’s image via social/media platforms.  

  • Product Improvement

With client feedback, your business is able to make necessary adjustments to shortcomings pointed out and improvements recommended to  fuller strength as listed by the clients.

Our solution publicizes your business better than it was before, Contact Us 

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