Flight Inventory Management System

Flight Inventory Management System

This Flight management solution deals with the availability and management of seats on an airline with respect to the classes it is subdivided into at  that time. It takes into account all the maintenance schedules and equipments owned by the airline. Keeping proper account of staff activities and manage day-to-day functions.

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Some features for Flight Inventory Management System

  • Data import and export 
  • Scheduling tool 
  • Inventory management
  • Devoted inventory system
  • Multi sector flight inventory
  • Automated open/close of sale
  • Inventory allocation/nest
  • Real time inventory control
  • Inventory management and distribution
  • Availability levels 
  • Taxes and fare conditions
  • Hard  block
  • Security
  • Hotel inventory hosting privilege
  • Duplication control
  • Passenger profile
  • AVs
  • Rescue management

and other features.

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Flight management software to aid your travel needs

How it benefits your business

Devoted inventory system

This flight solution personalizes the system for your only your airline’s use with no configuration restriction or resources being shared. This provides your airline with flexibility and unlimited capability as against their competitors. Providing the airline with an edge over its competitors.


Topnotch security for all your data, operations, processes and information which keeps the business’s trade secret private and protected furthering improving business.

Customer satisfaction

Our solution ensures customer satisfaction is attained at all points of interaction and business. It guarantees that reserved flight bookings are upheld and that booking is made easy and without fail. It also increases sale of bookings and hence more profit for the business.

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