Church Management Software Solution


Church Management Software Solution make church administration and day-to-day activities  easy.

Similarly, You save time and get more done with our Church Management Solution.

However, Our goal with this solution is to equip the church to do better ministry. Our church Management Software Solution allows you to keep up with your members, improve communication and organise your team and ministry.

 Features of Our Church Management Software Solution.

Anything you can ever think of such as been included in our Church Management Solution including

  •         Contribution Tracking
  •         Online Giving
  •         Attendance Tracking
  •         Budgeting and Accounting
  •         Congregation access
  •         Pledge Management
  •         Small Groups Management
  •         Member’s Portal
  •         Volunteer Management          

and other features…

Church Management Software Solution

Some Ways It Benefits You 


This helps you to monitor the growth and development of your church and make key decisions that will improve your Church Growth.

Event Management Option

Handling major event and scheduling effectively can be done using our solution. Rooms and asset can be reserved as needed and special occasion can be accurately tracked.

Congregation Management Tool

You will be able to manage your congregation beyond check-in time. This Solution will allow you to track special event in your member lives.

Contribution Management Utilities

You will be able to track the contributions  that your church make to grow it reach and maintain itself accurately.You will also be able to keep tabs of new donations once they arrive.

Church –Centric Functionality

Our Church Management Solution gives yous the access to a suite of software that are specially made to accommodate the diverse functions of a church.

Finally, we can help you get started right away, Contact us today.

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