Bands and Artistes Management Software Solutions

Band and Artist Management Software Solutions

Bands and Artistes Management Software solution that we provide will help you with you day to day entertainment  business helps you with event management, booking of events, planning for events, payment of booking by your client.

Therefore, our  software solution will help you with every facet of your entertainment company.

Sound interesting right ?

Some Features of Our Band and Artist Management Software Solutions 

  • Ability to track your Pay
  • Maintain your inventory
  • Ability to create a custom call sheet
  • Online booking 
  • Online Payment 
  • Online calendar and scheduling 
  • Automatic Block Date 
  • Task and Contact segment 
  • LineUp Approval
  • Schedule Notification System
  • Artist Management 
  • Contract and Deals Record 
  • Data Security 

And Other Features…

Bands and Artiste Management Software Solution eSome Benefits of Our Bands and Artistes Management Software Solution

Easy Tracking

The Bands and Artistes Management Software Solutions that we deploy for you allows you to keep track of your booking and payment records with can either be done on your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

In addition, you get 24/7 update 

Proper Documentation

Using our bands and artistes management software solution help you keep your documents records  in a database that has a very large storage capability .

Likewise,  it Reduces your paperwork and save you time to attend to other obligations. 

Secure Data

Our band and artist management software solution helps you keep your documents, contracts and deals secure.

However, this will help you determine whoever can access a particular information at a particular point in time.

Prompt Notification

Most Importantly,  (BAMS) gives you prompt notification on your events, shows, studio and your to-do-list daily via E-mail or SMS notification. This will allow you perform your day-to-day activities efficiently.

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In the Meantime, let’s help you get started with this Solution!

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