Easiest Way to Automate Examination/Test Processes

Are you tired of processing examination by paper? Going through the process of setting examination questions, distributing the question papers, collecting the papers, scoring/marking the answered scripts and then distributing the papers for students to view their results can be a very hard task and would reduce the time that could have been spent on other meaningful operations. Computer based testing system handles all the hard tasks for you.

Computer based testing system is an application that is designed to eliminate the problems associated with paper and pencil system of testing. Using the application, all the students need to do is point and click. With the aid of software, examination questions preparation, answers scoring and results checking will be faster and less prone to errors.

Features of Computer Based Testing Systems Setup

  1. Students take tests/exams.
  2. Display scores.
  3. Print results.
  4. Multiple choice questions.
  5. Adding, editing and deleting of questions and answers.
  6. Flexible.

How to Choose Computer Based Testing Systems Setup

  1. Ability to integrate the software.
  2. Cost.
  3. User interface must be friendly.
  4. Must be easy to use.
  5. Must have many features.

Benefits of Computer Based Testing Systems Setup

  1. Greater amount of test items.
  2. Help learners with disabilities.
  3. Provides feedback.
  4. Immediate grading.
  5. Multiple-test administration.
  6. Engaging
  7. Improves writing.
  8. Secures testing.

Using a computer based testing system is the best solution when trying to administer a test or exam. It eliminates the problems of using paper to process tests and examinations.

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