Crowdsourced Citizens’ monitoring platform for Nigeria’s 2014& 2015 General Elections

Abuja, March 4, 2014. – Towards 2015 Elections in Nigeria, Nigerian polity is currently heated up as stakes are higher than ever and the need for a drastic leadership change is more pressing than ever, Nigeria has to get it right this time. We citizens of this great country have to do everything possible to ensure that the outcome of the elections reflect our choice of leadership.

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Join The Movement To Preserve The Integrity Of The Forthcoming 2015 Elections – Nigeriadecide

Abuja, 3rd March 2014 – It does not take rocket science to be convinced that a large percentage, if not all the elections of the past in Nigeria have in one way or another been adulterated. Although the general populace does not know what exactly is responsible for these heinous actions, whether the electoral body’s incompetence or dishonesty or the criminal actions of political parties and their cronies, it cannot be overemphasized that some measures have to be put in place to ensure the integrity of the electoral process is preserved and that announced election results reflect the people’s choices.

NigeriaDecide 2015

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