Long Codes: The Future of Global Marketing

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First, a long code is an actual 11-digit phone number, enabled to send and receive SMS text messages anywhere in the world. Mobile marketing using long codes offers businesses the opportunity to communicate with customers anywhere.

Similar to short codes, audiences can text keywords to long codes and receive a response message based on the campaign.Long Code enables companies or individuals engage and interact with their users or customers. And the more you engage your audience the more likely they will take your intended action.

How does Long Code works?

If you have a Long Code, you let your intended prospects know about it. You can use a combination of methods to let them know like bulk SMS, TV and radio adverts, newspaper ads, classified ads, Facebook ads, etc.

Then you ask them to send an SMS to that Long Code. You can specify the format for them to compose their SMS. Then they send the SMS to that Long Code.

Their SMS will then be routed through the network provider (e.g. MTN) to the Long Code messaging server. Then the server will then determine where to route the SMS to based on the unique Long Code. It will then route it to you and the message or messages you preset will be sent to the prospect. If you set follow up messages at a predetermined interval, it will be sent as such.

Advantages of Long Codes vs. Short Codes

Although long codes are 5 digits longer than short codes, there are many advantages to using long codes over traditional short codes for mobile marketing. Most importantly, long codes are cheaper and faster to implement. Another benefit to long codes is that popular keywords are always available which helps your brand be more memorable with audiences. Also, they are much more 2-way, allowing audiences to reply to message in a way that can be recorded. Last, long codes are friendly around the globe, CloudWare Technologies offers an SMS long code marketing service that can be promoted anywhere in the world called SMS2Server.

long code can be used by many different types of service providers including, printers, agencies, publishers, brands, restaurants, religious centers and retailers.

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