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How to create a blog Launches service to help you setup your blog online within 24 hrs, This service will help anyone who has passion for writing and blogging but do not have the technical know-how required to setup a monetizeable* blog. promises a quick setup of a secure, beautiful blog and a starter training pack to help you start blogging immediately after setup.  in addition they have put up a blog that shares articles on blogging, and how to make money with a blog, you should check it out

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if you have any questions regarding how to setup a blog online, you can call/SMS/Email/Whatsapp

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Getting lost is no fun at all

Especially when you are a lost and tired driver trying to find the way in the night.

You were here, now you are lost.
You were here, now you are lost.

Sometime ago I traveled to Shagamu (Ogun State, Nigeria). I was with my colleague, who had been there a few times in the past. We had to meet with some clients to discuss business and due to some new turns in the discussions, the meeting ended late. So we had to sleep over till the next day (well, Shagamu has no airports).

Being the veteran, my colleague suggested a low-cost hotel where he had stayed on his last trip. So we set off for our lodging for the night. But then we had a problem: it was late in the night and he was having trouble locating the way to the hotel. “How the heavens do you not remember the way to a place where you have slept in before?!” I wanted to ask him, but hey, he was the one driving. Common sense told me not to anger a lost and tired driver trying to find the way in the night – terrible things could happen. Continue reading

Google vs Yahoo

Founded September 7, 1998 March 1, 1995
Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin Jerry Yang and David Filo
Industry Internet, computer software Internet, computer software, media
CEO Larry Page Marissa Mayer
Products AdWords, Search, YouTube, Gmail, Orkut, Google earth, Google labs etc. Google maps, Picasa, Google books, Google Scholar, Google Docs, Google Chrome, and Chromebook News, Mail, Screen, Flickr, News Digest, Sports, Fantasy Sports, Finance, Weather, Tech, My Yahoo, Messenger, Food
Maps Yes Yes
Book search Yes No
Headquarters Mountain view, California, USA Sunnyvale, California, USA
Instant messaging Yes Yes
Subsidiaries @Last Software, Inc. Android, Inc. Applied Semantics, Inc. dMarc Broadcasting, Inc. Ganji Inc. Google International LLC Google LLC Google Payment Corp. Ignite Logic, Inc. JASS Inc. JG Productions Inc. JotSpot Inc. Kaltix Corporation Liquid Acquisitio Fysix Corporation, Kelkoo S.A., Yahoo Europe Limited, Tumblr Inc., etc
Slogan Don’t be evil “Do you Yahoo?”
Mail Yes (15GB free) Yes (1 terabyte)
Search Yes Yes
Job site No No
Company type Public Public
Purchase or Free Free Free
Search Engine Ranking No. 1 in US (with market share of 58.5% in Oct’07 as per comScore research) No. 2 in US (with market share of 23% in Oct’07 as per comScore research)
About Google is an American public corporation, which is specialize in search engine, and today it is world’s no. 1 search engine. Yahoo is an American public corporation and the internet service provider for news, emails, yahoo directory, search engine etc
Homepage Yes Yes
Registration Not Required Not Required
User generated video Yes Yes
Listed on August 19, 2004 April 12, 1996
Finance Portal Yes Yes
Social Network Yes (Google+, YouTube) Yes (Tumblr, Flickr)
Download Yes Yes
Profile Yes Yes
Image search Yes Yes
Alexa Rank 1 4
Private messages Yes Yes
Themes No Yes
Games No Yes

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Why Do I Need A Blog for My Company’s Website

There are so many different business owners out there that do not understand the importance of blogging. Attaching a blog to the website of a company is something that is extremely beneficial because of the fact that you gain many different advantages. Nowadays it has become mandatory for the site of a company to have a blog and you need to understand this.

Blogs Will Instantly Attract Traffic

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Why Do I need a Website?


This question is asked me by every small business owner I advice to make a website for their business. I have however decided to make this open to the general public.

First and foremost what is a website? A website is a document with a number of pages that contain information for all users and it is accessible to all because it has been hosted on the World Wide Web. See a website as a book or a catalog hosted on the Internet bearing a particular type of information for all to see. Take this analogy as a perfect example, a website is like a book, the Host is like a massive shelf, where the internet is a giant library having several or every type of book needed. With this said let me tell you in clear terms why we all need a website for our business.

  1. A website advertises 24/7, 365days: No man or media can talk about your business everyday and every time like your website would. Your website is out there to be read by all internet user 24hours of everyday. Even when all heads sleep the internet is up, advertising your business to the world. Consumers need information 24 hours a day. The internet is always active, and consumers around the world can look up information and conduct business at their convenience. Your website allows your business to always be available to customers regardless of the time of day.
  1. A website can cross geographical boundaries:

Unlike a local advertisement that might reach just a few thousand viewers, a website will enable people from all over the world to look at your products. This way, you can get orders from outside your city, state, and even country. This will enable you to expand your business. You will only need to get your logistics in proper order so you can be prepared to deliver the products to your customers when the number of orders inevitably increases.

  1. Improve communication with customers: A website enhances communication between consumers and businesses. A lot of the time consumers are interested in something on a website, but feel awkward or are too lazy to call for more information. Websites that are equipped with email forms allows consumers to ask their question in a moment’s notice. That is just one feature websites utilize to make communication easy. Other features are message boards, blogs, contact information and other web forms.


  1. Keep the edge on competitors

The popularity of the internet and understanding of the value of a website increases every day. Businesses that have a website are already at a huge advantage over their competitors. In addition to having a wider clientele base, their business looks more professional and established. That also goes for the design of the website. When a consumer visits a clean well structured website and an average website that offers the same services, it is a no-brainer which business they will choose.

  1. Increase customer confidence

Customers can tell a lot about a company from the design of their website. An unorganized, unappealing website is a major turnoff to consumers. On the other hand, a professional looking website lets consumers know your business is serious and dedicated to their needs.

Just to mention a few of the numerous things a website could do for your business.  Now my Question to you now Do you have a professionally made website? (Because it takes a professional website to get these amazing wonders done) if not, Make a website today and get your business to reach out to the over 2billion internet users worldwide.

Inexpensive Longcode setup for your innovative 2-way communication service

call to Serve
Why Pay exorbitant setup & monthly costs to virtually Host a Long Code number when this App provide you with the same feature and you have total control over your long code/virtual number setup?
SMS2Server Automatically forwards All incoming SMS to your Android Device to your server script for your further processing. (Android SIM hosting)
– Automatic forwarding of All inbound SMS to your server script for processing
– Unlimited Incoming SMS Traffic(depending on your Android Device Memory)
– You can receive SMS from any country in the world to your server from SMS2Server
– Number becomes globally available for international your customers
– Easy, Instant setup
– Can be used in any country.
– Runs 24/7 as long as the phone is on
– consume very tiny phone resources
– Available Internationally
– Settings, for user to be able to change Server URL
– Message – Server log
– Dedicated only for you
– You have total control over your Long Code number setup
– Easy and fast deployment of the service, NO long waiting for short code approval.
— Any android phone with a SIM card inserted
— Ensure data access is enabled on the android phone to be used.
If the Application needs your urgent attention, a mail and SMS will be sent to the email & support number you provided during registration.
Application of SMS2Server
* Competitions and voting initiated by TV and radio shows
* Product feedback, campaigns and promotions (the number can be printed on a product package)
* Globally available number for international companies and events
* Reception of SMS for companies wishing to interact with consumers
* Reply path to online tools, software packages, etc.
* 2-way communication with service engineers, sales forces and suppliers
* Reception of SMS to be forwarded to computer or user account
* SMS-to-email applications
* SMS multi-party chat services
* Feedback SMS for mass mailings or promotional activities
* Easy Registrations for Web App in places with limited Internet access.
* 2-way SMS marketing campaigns
* Your customer can inquiry by SMS
* Keyword based SMS interaction
* SMS news letter subscriptions
* SMS Order confirmation
* Send onetime passwords, activation codes
* SMS surveys
* SMS promotions, SMS competitions
* television SMS voting
* SMS chat
* SMS-to-email
* User Authentication services
We also Have a Call2Server version that can send caller’s number to your server for further processing, its called Call2server

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CloudSMS is Nigeria’s Most Reliable BulkSMS Service Provider


Do you Know that CloudSMS is Nigeria’s Most Reliable BulkSMS Service Provider?
CloudSMS Most Reliable BulkSMS service in Africa
CloudSMS is Trusted by tens of Thousands of Nigerians and Africans, and a handful of International clients. Because of the Following
  • Reliable and Instant BulkSMS
  • 1unit = 1 SMS to all gsm networks
  • Robust SMS API
  • Mobile Apps
  • No Double Charging
  • Convenient means of Payment.
  • Superb Customer Support.
CloudSMS is dubbed as the No 1 in Customer service in Nigeria.
CloudSMS is used for sending Instant Customized SMS to Numerous numbers at once.
To Begin using CloudSMS for your BulkSMS Campaigns, 

After Registration you can Top up your BulkSMS Account via any of the Below
If you would like to be a reseller/to own your own and run your own BulkSMS Website, simply send email for instant details
Download our Free Android App
Download CloudSMS Android App

Customer Support

In other to serve you better, we have increased our Customer support Channels to diverse means, so you can just use which ever that is convenient for you
08179092255 (EMTS)Etisalat
08052257405 (GLO)
08024664141 (Airtel)
08102902085 (MTN)
08179092255  (WhatsAPP)

+2348179092255 (International) (Facebook)
@CloudSMS (Twitter)
Google+ (Google+)
Any medium you use to contact us, we would reply ASAP
CloudSMS is a product of CloudWare Technologies, Nigeria’s Leading Technology Solutions provider.

CloudSMS team

We Can Help Your Political Candidate Win in This Forthcoming Election


At CloudWare we believe in making things easy for everyone, that’s why we create innovative platforms that reduces hard quests or so called impossible feats into unbelievably easy tasks. All for the best consumptions of our customers.

At CloudWare, we are interested in getting the best persons to access the positions of power in this Nation at various levels, we like to do this with the most effective means possible and the cheapest  way available. Which is via the following…

How is this possible? You may ask, well at CloudWare we have on our database the names and contacts of over 15milion Nigerian voters who have registered at various local government within the country. Therefore all we need do is extract names and phone numbers from our database and send either a BulkSMS or VoiceSMS or Both as demanded by the client to these prospective voters about our candidate .In doing this, we are planting the presence and love of our client in the heart of the voters in the community and even the whole country at large in just a click. Also the email platform would also be explored as we have on our database over 2million active email users in Nigeria. We would therefore send emails to them to ask for their support for our candidate.

The online platform could also be explored by we creating an online presence for our client, this is done by creating a beautiful, simple and informative website for our client. Also our social media platforms would also be deployed with our over 100,000 followers and friends on both twitter and facebook, also online ads on all major platforms to ensure the widest reach as possible. All this would be used simultaneously to aid our campaign

The phone branding feature also helps in this publicity, our phones can be branded to suite the demands of the client and the branding is not only on the hardware of the phone but also in the software of the phone. Our phones are well customizes to clients taste.

Customized ring-back tunes that will aid your campaign would be created by us to suit your demands also to inform your calls about your intentions and crave their support.

You can now see that we can get your candidate to the position he craves by deploying our premium services to this course. Act now!!! CloudWare.

CloudWare Technologies Complete Mapping of ALL 120,025+ Polling Units in Nigeria towards 2015 General Elections

Abuja – 9th March, 2014. CloudWare Technologies via NigeriaDecide just recently completed the mapping of all the over 120,025 (one hundred and twenty thousand and twenty-five) polling units in Nigeria. This is in furtherance of the platform’s intentions to ensure the transparency of the forthcoming elections in Nigeria.

The mapping of the polling units was necessitated by the disheartening information obtained from election observer reports that some electoral officials, as well as locally deployed and international election observer groups, find it very difficult to locate the polling units to which they are posted to conduct elections. This results in the lateness in commencement of the elections.

This problem of being behind schedule in conducting the election tends to justify the election officials decision to expedite the election process at the expense of proper conduct and adequate monitoring. This is one of the factors that reduce the effectiveness of the elections in Nigeria in truly representing the choices of the Nigerian people.

The 120,025+ polling units have been geographically represented on Google map on the website to ensure that anyone who needs to locate any polling unit in Nigeria will be able to do so easily as the polling units are represented with popular landmarks within the area and descriptions on how to get there easily. The map can be panned in all directions to get more of the features in the area surrounding the polling unit.

This map will be a very useful tool for electoral officers (who sometimes are not informed of their postings until about a week before the Election Day) as well as voters and election observers to locate and get directions to their polling unit of interest. In addition, voters can locate the polling units nearest to their residence and choose the most accessible and convenient one to vote in.

NigeriaDecide is a platform intended to aggregate election results exactly as announced in each polling unit across the nation and transfer them to a safe and secure server where everyone can view the results online. This is to ensure anyone and everyone can have a picture of the results that are expected to be announced by the electoral monitoring body. This will help to have an idea of where the discrepancies occurred and the appropriate quarters can be challenged concerning the published results.

To register on the platform, SMS “polling unit number” e.g. 05/07/09/008 to 09037346541. You will immediately receive a registration confirmation alert on your phone.

The NigeriaDecide platform is powered by CloudWare Technologies, an innovative technological solutions provider that provides appropriate technological measures to meet Africa’s pressing needs. CloudWare Technologies’ client base ranges from individuals to corporate establishment, federal government and international organizations.

NigeriaDecide is a non-partisan platform created by CloudWare Technologies using CloudSMS 2 Way SMS technology

For more information on the electoral process and how to be a partner in this cause, email or call 0700CLOUDSMS or visit